A place to make a mental note of the Graces each day,  and help put things into perspective.   Coincidence, I know not.   Share yours too!   

Monday 3/16/09  Baby Grace – posted in main blog.  Still makes me smile.

Thursday 3/19/09  Lainie calls to step up and make an offer I can’t refuse, for the good of us all.

Saturday 3/20/09 Visiting nurse reinstated and comes to help guide me with the new wound and drain care.

Sunday 3/22/09 DIF Feranando being there to open the tabernacle for me to bring Holy Communion to Jeff. 

 I wanted to stay downstairs and finish as much as possible of the session “in Spanish” and of the retreat discussion with Barb.  But when I got upstairs I realized there was no way to retrieve the Blessed Sacrament from the Main Sanctuary without possibly causing some scandal.  Although a minister to the sick can retrieve Him from the Tabernacle, you want to use discretion and not make people think Jesus is a “to go” item…so what to do?  I began to get flustered at myself.  

I stopped myself mid “flust” and realized I had been praying all morning, Grace sufficient unto this day Lord.  If I can’t take You home now, I’ll come back out this afternoon…then as I entered the Sanctuary, DIF Fernando was turning on lights.  I asked him for a favor to lead me down and remove the Blessed Sacrament for me to take, he said sure with very little in way of explanation and I brought the Blessed Sacrament home to Jeff. 

He is feeling rather tired and a little out of sorts today.  So I told him intended jokingly, Jesus really wanted to come home to you today.  Then I thought about it and I think He really did!

3/23 into 24 having the appointment with Dr. D for the am.  The volunteer who got us the great wheel chair when Jeff couldn’t make it back up to Dr. D’s office. 

3/25   Jeff’s rebounding, Anna



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