In the Garden of life 

While Buddy and I tended our gardens, I remembered something my husband said, “It looks kind of haphazard, but it works.”   And I got thinking, events in time may feel or appear haphazardly “planted” or possibly come in unwanted combinations… Really though, could something so full of life be so random? Nah…The plan is…

Sharing Mom’s Flowers

with our heavenly Mother.   My maternal grandfather had a deep devotion to our Lady which I think carried on with his girls. Mom taught me to pray the rosary when I was two, I have always thought she is so beautiful. It’s not that I wanted my mom to stay and suffer, but losing your…

Seeing It! With your soul

I love it when you’re struggling and praying and trying and  suddenly boom you see it! God saying “See I’ve got you, My love surrounds you!” Well I don’t like the struggling part, except it means you are aware the dark place you are isn’t where you are called to be. 

Truly “Risen”

God will use any medium to teach us/help us, if we listen.  The movie “Risen” is fast becoming one of my favorites, and as I reflect on it I hear new messages of consolation, hope and faith.   Recently I was afraid of a life situation of which I have no control and it could…

What a Glorious Feeling! 

Sudden awareness…Warm rays of the sun on my back after days and days of gray soggy rain…And as I study for two exams this week…Now feeling gloriously alive! What a sensation!    And a peak of blue sky!             The sun enlivened other creatures too!    And we basked in God’s glorious gift!

Little Urban Oasis series – Abundance! 

 I was taken by the cool breeze, crisp, gentle sunlight touching everything, the pots briming over with color and abundance of life from the summer rains.  What a gorgeous fall morning!                      

Urban Oasis

Blooming. What’s blooming in your part of the world?      

Patio Progress

Amidst the chaos, feeling peaceful.  What brought you peace today?            

A Rosary Garden

I said “There are five pots to water, and there are five decades to pray.”              She said “We shall call it the Rosary Garden.”           Yes, that is quite perfect.