Blessed to just be


Growing in Faith, Hope and Love

While social media as of late as been a source of stress and turmoil, today it was a reminder of faith  hope and love, growing together with my newest best friend, my husband Brian.  A 5 year video celebrating our “friendversary” popped up on my wall.  The pictures reminded me that we have lived a lifetime in these brief 5 years: married; got pregnant and lost a baby; buried two parents-  a parent a piece;  changed jobs; embarked on new careers; made new friends; celebrated friends’ children’s weddings; sold a house and found a new spiritual home…

All the things you usually get to experience over a 40 year period God gave to us in a much shorter period, and through them strengthened us in the faith, hope and love and the sacrament we share.  I guess my point is that it’s not the amount of time you’re given with someone, but what you do with it, where you let yourselves be led that makes it full.  

And then of course there is Buddy, what a full, beautiful experience this life is! Thank you for the reminder FB.

Sharing Mom’s Flowers

with our heavenly Mother. 

 My maternal grandfather had a deep devotion to our Lady which I think carried on with his girls. Mom taught me to pray the rosary when I was two, I have always thought she is so beautiful.

It’s not that I wanted my mom to stay and suffer, but losing your mom, it’s something so surreal. 

I think she would be pleased to offer her flowers to Mary.

I know when I go out to water them, I will be reminded say a prayer to my heavenly Mother for my mother.  I know that in time it will heal what’s broken in me.  

In Paradisum Mom. 

Falafel, what a happy food! 

Little balls of chickpea deliciousness with luscious tahini sauce…Wow! First time even tasting it, let alone making it.  Was fun to make and to eat!  My husband said I hit it out of the park!  Who knew I could falafel?!?

Followed the recipes of Tori Avey – simple, effective culinary brilliance! 

Used peanut oil so they would be crunchy. 

Made the tahini sauce from scratch too! 

Didn’t have time to make GF flat bread so served on open faced toasted UDI’s hotdog buns. 

But I think the part I liked best was sharing this new experience with him.  Trying new things together just never gets old, and we keep it funky fresh 😉 

Seeing It! With your soul

I love it when you’re struggling and praying and trying and 
suddenly boom you see it!

God saying “See I’ve got you, My love surrounds you!”
Well I don’t like the struggling part, except it means you are aware the dark place you are isn’t where you are called to be. 

An interesting little Lent 

I am not a writer, I am a teacher and a photograpical essayist.  So it’s odd to me after many years of attempting and failing to have taken to spiritual journaling recently.  I feel called to carry my black moleskin journal wherever I go!  I am now even drawing in it!  Make no mistake,  I will never be confused with an artist…But it makes my soul smile when I see the colors take shape with the words.

  I will pull it out at Mass and often catch a whisper of the Holy Spirit or sometimes a down right forehead slap!  I open it during the Divine Office and Scriptrual reading. In Adoration, I write down all the names and intentions from FB who asked me to take them with me or just liked the post. 

 When I asked Jesus what He wanted me to do with their prayer requests and Likes, He said “Remember them to me.” And so if you respond to my request to pray for you, I remember  you to Him,  who you are and your “soul shine”- whatever about your soul that calls out to me as I remember you to Him- your smile, your kindness, your authenticity, your joy, your laughter, your service, your devotion, your strength, your silliness, your “you-ness!”

And I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Because when I Remember you to Him something in me is changed and touched by you…Your opening to His Mercy and Love is making me a more aware person, a grateful person, a less judgemental person, I hope a better person…Simply by allowing me the honor of praying for you. 

I especially thank Allison Gringas of – Catholic podcaster, writer, speaker and friend, for her example and loving manner introducing me to this way to pray.  It is amazingly powerful and yet simple. You are a true woman of prayer and light. 

It’s how we get Home, loving each other, being in communion, accepting this beautiful grace in a community that prays in words and actions.  

Sudden awareness…Warm rays of the sun on my back after days and days of gray soggy rain…And as I study for two exams this week…Now feeling gloriously alive! What a sensation! 

  And a peak of blue sky!  

The sun enlivened other creatures too!


And we basked in God’s glorious gift!