Nursing Saint Posse Growing!

St Catherine of Sienna Recognized as a Doctor of the Church and patron saint to Nurses! I just love it! This Nursing Saint Posse – people I can look up to as examples of faith, hope and love in action and ask to pray for this journey- just grows and grows! I am so theologically…

I’ll Drink To That!

I’ve seen a few posts so far this December about what people want for 2106.  I am inspired by words of hope, kindness, tenderness and positivity.   The resolution to put down the phone and focus on the people around us.   When I look at 2015 and realize how many people I’ve encountered, moments…

Blessings of what I didn’t know

I knew going back to school for an entirely new field of study 20 years later would be a challenge.    I knew I was so grateful for the opportunity.      I knew if I applied myself, I would receive an education to grow into that field.      What I didn’t know is…

Joie de vivre!

Who do you know that when you’re together joy just erupts? Call them, text them, get together. Life is too short to go without snatches of joie de vivre!         

Those Smiles

Fill up my heart so quickly.  A precious visit with my godson and his family. Who is filling up your heart today?                      

A Rosary Garden

I said “There are five pots to water, and there are five decades to pray.”              She said “We shall call it the Rosary Garden.”           Yes, that is quite perfect.      

Being in Communion 

A number of my “babies” in Christ whose famines I have journeyed with since they were very little, received the gifts of the Holy Spirit last night in the sacrament of Confirmation – Auxiliary Bishop Zarama, celebrant.     I have been a part of their lives, and they have been a part of mine. I love…

Being the Body of Christ

Community. A word that has been ringing clearly in my soul after a recent conversation with a dear friend.  We spoke of many things and imparted many words to each other, but that one rang a note with me and has stayed in my soul and opened my eyes to such beauty and grace in…

Devotion In Motion!

Christ Renews His Parish – “XL” 40th retreat! The Holy Spirit was pinging souls all over the place! I am undone and reformed in a very good way. Inspire Amaze Welcome Authentic Friendship Kindness Love