In the Garden of life 

While Buddy and I tended our gardens, I remembered something my husband said, “It looks kind of haphazard, but it works.”   And I got thinking, events in time may feel or appear haphazardly “planted” or possibly come in unwanted combinations… Really though, could something so full of life be so random? Nah…The plan is…

Happy Birthday Mary!

“Oh highly favored daughter!” A little research into the nativity of the Blessed Mother led me to The Apocryphal Infancy Narrative of St James aka the Protoevangelium of James I have heard pieces of this over time since although it did not make it into the Catholic canon it is the basis for some of…

Magnificat Breakfast #Speaker 97

I have never been so excited to be so humbled!  The Holy Spirit was pinging all over the room 🙂 so very blessed to share my Magnificat!   And with mariachis!  Yes!

Sharing Mom’s Flowers

with our heavenly Mother.   My maternal grandfather had a deep devotion to our Lady which I think carried on with his girls. Mom taught me to pray the rosary when I was two, I have always thought she is so beautiful. It’s not that I wanted my mom to stay and suffer, but losing your…

A small kindness – packed in love

My mother passed away very suddenly this past Sunday evening… That afternoon, my aunt, and my husband and I had been touring nursing homes because the chronic illness she was suffering from was progressing beyond the abilities of the facility she was living in. We found the perfect place- safe, great staff, comfortable and aesthetically…

Seeing It! With your soul

I love it when you’re struggling and praying and trying and  suddenly boom you see it! God saying “See I’ve got you, My love surrounds you!” Well I don’t like the struggling part, except it means you are aware the dark place you are isn’t where you are called to be. 

Truly “Risen”

God will use any medium to teach us/help us, if we listen.  The movie “Risen” is fast becoming one of my favorites, and as I reflect on it I hear new messages of consolation, hope and faith.   Recently I was afraid of a life situation of which I have no control and it could…

Today I Experienced

Intimate Friendship Simple Beauty Unexpected Humor   Resonating Truth  And you? 

More Fall Color!

 With a touch of seasonal whimsy… 🙂  What made you smile today?       

According to “Harper’s Bazaar” amethyst orchid is one of the colors for this fall’s palate and the plants are on it!  😉   What’s coloring your world today?