The Blackhawk Roll Call


Meet William, my FIL (father-in-law), a retired US Army member of the Blackhawk Division who helped liberate the inmates at Dachau in conjunction with the British Army and father of two Brian and Diana. He is one of the funniest, sweetest, most loving men I have ever met. 

He has survived being shot, three cancers, four stents to his heart and the loss of his beloved wife, “Gen.”

At 89 he is fighting another battle for his life – complications of age – congestive heart failure, pneumonia etc. coming in and out of the hospital. 

This page is all about the latest news to keep you, our dear friend or new dear friend  πŸ˜‰ who is praying for him in the loop. Your prayers are powerful and appreciated, thank you. 

The latest 


Today Bill gets a CT scan to determine if they need to draw fluid from his lungs. He definitely gets a PICC line today. His niece Janet, who he and Brian are Guardians of, was rushed to the hospital she has had a heart attack and passed away at the same hospital.    It is a blessing that we are here together. It is a blessing that William is still with us.

both lungs are full of fluid – they will try to draw it out tomorrow from the right lung. 


Procedure to draw water from his right lung appears successful, removed 1.6 liters. Yow.  Will try to ween him from the ventilator tomorrow and see if they need to drain the left lung.  

As Y-O is still intubated, we communicated with him today with a combo of lip reading, pointing to letters and charades πŸ˜‰ learned that as a family we should never go on a game show. 

Made the arrangements for Janet’s funeral – Friday 10am St Thomas Aquinas. Visitation at the church starting 9am. 


“They are slowly weening him off the ventilator. He breathes on his own for a few hours then they put him back on it. He seems to be doing well but not well enough to remove the tube. They are going to give him a transfusion soon – probably about a pint. Blood count is low.” 

3-27-15 A day of wildly differing emotions

Janet’s funeral at St. Thomas Aquinas was truly lovely. There was a peaceful, joyful feeling of celebrating her life wirh the community who loved her gathered to send her home.  

Unfortunately when Diana got to ICU it was not as peaceful. The attempts to ween him off the ventilator have failed and his oxygen levels took severe dips during the night.  He was highly agitated and is sedated again.  The best case scenario is to replace it with a trachea tube – slated for Monday.  

3-28-15 from the ICU – Ups and Downs

“Dad is not doing well today. Waiting for the doctor to come in.”

“He had a bad night , they increased his oxygen.”

“On very little sedation. Surgery still on for Monday.”

“He has been fine since they increased his oxygen this morning. He is responsive and shrugged his shoulders when I said the tube is coming out Monday. He did let me know his mouth was dry so I got the nurse to put gel in it which made him happy.”

“He did have a panicked expression on his face when the chaplains came in to pray over him! I told him it was ok.”

“I told him you didn’t feel well because of the Indian last night and he laughed!”

Moment by moment, thank you Lord for this day. 

 3-29-15. Hello Bright Eyes!


No sedation for a day and a 1/2 πŸ™‚  Diana texted us this picture when she arrived at the hospital this morning – none of us could believe how alert he looked . He was writing back and forth with the nurse and he has had a shave.  Numbers are looking good for the procedure tomorrow to switch the ventilator to a trachea tube. 


 Y-O update: Tracheostomy looks to be a success.  He is breathing much better with the tube moved. Plan is to watch him today – put a feeding tube into his stomach tomorrow and then evaluate his ability to swallow,  We were told this is the best chance to try to ween him off the ventilator. It’s still a day by day wait and see, but it’s a world away from the night we flew up. God’s will be done, our hearts in praise always.

3-31-15 new procedure 

Feeding tube was inserted into Y-O’s stomach today that procedure went off without a hitch. He is scheduled to get two bags of food tomorrow and possibility be moved to the LTAC where they will aggressively work to ween him from the ventilator. 


“Dr. Nery was here and said he is stable he isn’t getting worse so we shouldn’t worry about that. He will be moved tomorrow. He is at 70 % oxygen still and 8 for the flow. Dr. Nery thinks he will tolerate the move well but wants to get the ok from the mystery pulmonologist first.”


Y-O will not be moving to the LTAC.  

What God started two weeks ago today – it seems He is bringing around again. The doctors have said they will give him a few days, but it doesn’t look good. It’s a question of when.  Y-O asked for the priest and mouthed and wrote that he is finished.

I love to see Jesus at work – who He’s bringing to the room. The words that are being said It is so sad, but so incredibly beautiful to watch a soul go Home.

4-7-15  It is finished.

 Y-O has gone Home and his pain has ended.  God brought his dearest family and friends to visit over the last two weeks and his face would light up with a smile so big every time he saw them.  His children were gathered around him, praying with him and for him as he took his last steps on the path of life.  That morning, weak as he was, he still shared his zest for life and smiled at us, waved and mouthed good bye.  Y-O knew how to live and gathered a community where ever he went.  I know he will be missed by many. 

Mass of Christian burial is scheduled for this Thursday at 10 am. May our beloved William and all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

Thank you  for journeying with us the up and down – your love and your prayers held safe in a bubble grace, giving us what we needed for all that God asked of us.  


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