“The heart of God”

I am so excited!  Those of you who know me from my DRE days, may remember my “Saint Posse” all around my office :-).  I kept feeling a pull to have a patron saint to help me on this health care journey, someone in heaven to ask for their prayers and intercession, someone to look to as an example in working with the sick and the dying.  After much prayer and discernment, St. Camillus de Lellis bubbled to the surface.


I had searched for different medals of different saints while I was discerning. It wasn’t until St. Camillus’ story and charism settled in my soul and I fully accepted this mission that I found this…


He rests on one side…


Our Lady on the other.

There were no other medals I found with Our Lady on the back.  This is so right and my soul is so full, excited and fueled.  This is one of the most demanding enterprises of my life and I know God has me in this.  He sends me besitos (little kisses) along the road every day when I am open to them, filling my heart and my soul with His grace, love and mercy.

My patients capture my heart every day.  They are often the witnesses of redemptive suffering.

It is my dearest prayer to serve the Lord in this life. He has manifested that service through serving his people, first teaching me to love their souls and now to love caring for the bodies attached to them.

Medal purchased at Jetsam and Juniper on Etsy.


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