Happy Birthday Mary!

“Oh highly favored daughter!”

A little research into the nativity of the Blessed Mother led me to The Apocryphal Infancy Narrative of St James aka the Protoevangelium of James

I have heard pieces of this over time since although it did not make it into the Catholic canon it is the basis for some of the Tradition of the Church concerning Anne and Joachim.

Very interesting read. Although we can’t take it as authoritative, it may help us to be inspired! It is helpful to me to possibly fill in some of the missing pieces in my mind. When I pray the Joyful mysteries I will have some more dynamic scenes in my mind to dwell on.  And reafing it helped me feel a little closer to the human side of the greatest story ever told and the divine as well.

Mary and her “yes!” are significant.  I find myself finding reminders of the Blessed Mother and her “Yes!” to God everywhere and if that helps me with my “yes!” Then, that is a beautiful blessing.

Artist exhibit at Zen Tea Korean madonnas – gift store

Sanctuary and chapel at  Atlanta Korean Martyrs Catholic Church

Magnificat Breakfast statues

St Joseph’s Maronite Rite Church, Little Five Points, ATLANTA

Grounds- Holy Cross, Atlanta

My back yard oasis.  I love to sit out with the Blessed Mother and think on her Son.

All Saints, gardens outside the columbarium Dunwoody

Holy Spirit Chanel window, Atlanta

Narthex and Sanctuary IHM, Atlanta

Christmas tapestry – Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Atlanta

My kitchen table, piece that’s been in our family for generations. So beautiful!

Buddy likes to hang with her too!

And that was just going back through the past year!

Mary please be a mother to us every day and lead us to your Son. Amen.


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