I Love Coming Home!

It was the phrase that kept jumping into my mouth and heart with every experience.  

Coming home is so much more for me than arriving at the destination where I grew up. It connects me to who I am and proud to be – a Pittsburgh girl!  

 Game day at Heinz Field!  Exhilarating!!!  With views “like a postcard!”

 The Beehive Coffeehouse & Dessertery on Carson St. – funky feel with great coffee and amazing GF chocolate cake!
Dining at Bistecca at the Meadows – Excellent food and beverages with a view! Truly a luxurious gastronomic treat. 

Time with my MIL and family!      Burgh’s Pizza & Wing Pub in Bridgeville- good hometown food, pierogi, pizza, salads and community- “Whatcha gonna have Hon?” 

We found an exciting new addition… Bakn on Main Street in Carnegie! A BLD gem with delicious prepared food, fresh atmosphere, friendly, knowledgable staff and great vibe! And what a story!  The owners are a dentist and a professional chef who had a dream and the right stuff to get the job done!   It was inspired by a little place in New Zealand.  The communal table is made from repurposed wood from a church and bridge abutment in Bloomfield. All the positive and colorful art was done by a local artist.  It is alive with community feel, excellent food and great service! This place is not to miss! Even the Bishop of Pittsburgh eats and socializes there 😉  I’m just sayn.    



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