The Truth: Exactly as he said

I took the first exam of my new life today! 

I think I did decently -how much we’ll have to see, yet a moment ago it all hit me, the truth of all of this. I am amazed at where God has brought me. 

When Jeff died, he told me I’d have to make a new life without him- to move, get married, go back to school, whatever I wanted I should do it, he asked me to live…I didn’t think I would do any of those things. I wanted life to stop. But God told me – “wait, be patient, I am healing you for another.” And a few months later, God brought Brian, another wonderful man. And I realized a new chance to grow, another career where I will serve, a beautiful new life. I am truly living, just like Jeff wanted and it’s not because of me. I am so incredibly blessed. Yes, I am crying I think because I am encountering Truth.  

When you encounter Truth it touches you deeply, often you can cry…Happy tears, sad tears. It is not always pretty or happy, but it is real and you move into a new place from it. I think we do it when we touch this Truth that is so much bigger than ourselves we are overwhelmed by it. I think that Truth is part of God. I’m working out the words, but I can feel it.

Stop and think of a time in your life you might have encountered God’s Truth…Just think on it. 


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