Being in Communion 

A number of my “babies” in Christ whose famines I have journeyed with since they were very little, received the gifts of the Holy Spirit last night in the sacrament of Confirmation – Auxiliary Bishop Zarama, celebrant.     I have been a part of their lives, and they have been a part of mine. I love them, I love their families.  They have shown me a great love in return.

 This theme of community keeps humming in my soul.  I am beginning to see the deep simple Truth of it that resonates in my soul.  To see the community God brings to surround me with His love and protection, to guide me and advise me.  

This community has been the source of my strength in my weakness and light in my darkest days and the echo of celebration in my greatest joys.    We are called to walk together, share our lives, and grow to know each other, to find Christ Jesus in each other and walk with Him.    Walking with these beautiful souls has changed me, and helped me to encounter the living Christ.  Is there a community where you have encountered Him? Have you allowed yourself to know Him there? 


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