Being the Body of Christ

Community. A word that has been ringing clearly in my soul after a recent conversation with a dear friend.  We spoke of many things and imparted many words to each other, but that one rang a note with me and has stayed in my soul and opened my eyes to such beauty and grace in the face of recent events. 

To have a community is so important. Find one that is authentic, where you know God’s love when you are gathered- that listens, forgives, prays, admonishes, guides and celebrates with you. The love, compassion and support of a community can help you get through and beyond some of life’s toughest moments.

We recently lost my Father-in-Law and I was reminded again and again of the community gathered – family- my SIL, husband and I- My FIL’s brother and his wife and their kids, but further out too, extending into the local community established neighbors and dear friends, co-workers and parish leaders. I was aware of the ties reaching out even further into the hospital community that was newly developing around us.  Praying for him and us and offering their love and kindness even in their brokenness and pain. 

Community – The Body of Christ – a gift of God to be acknowleged, cherished and savored. 

Bible verses in community


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