There is No “I” in Advent!

I received a call today from a dear friend and former colleague.  She was calling on my previous life’s work to help her think of some ideas for an upcoming event.  I had seen the project we worked on together just the other day when I was going through boxes – “I’d pull that right up.” I tried in vain to find the hard or digital copy of the project.

And that’s when the gentle nudge hit me – a nudge of invitation but my first response was to think it’s up to ME to come up with the answer.  I sat down to write out MY ideas, but they were few and far between.  Quickly the nudge again.  “I, I, I, ME, ME, ME – It’s not about YOU.  Stretch – try somewhere else.”  To the internet, not a big stretch for most people I know, and BOOM! There was the idea she needed, even in the format she needed it.

Back Story – I was so excited for this Advent to prepare for Christmas, that I had to do this and that, that I have all the answers.  I forgot it’s very little about what I do and very much about being open to Who is waiting to lead us and Who will we will meet at Christmas and of course Who sent Him.

So while you’re out shopping and rushing and doing all these things, don’t stress, it’s not about You. It’ll all get done, or rather what’s truly important you’ll get done if you allow yourself the time to be open to be led. Just pray “O Come, O Come Emmanuel,” Come into my heart to dwell.

P.S. The Answer -The idea that was waiting for me was pretty cool by the way – daily service ideas for the season of Advent 


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