Course Corrections or Nudges

A gentle, but poignant reminder that God’s surprise course corrections lead us to experiences and people – better than anything we could plan for ourselves…in other words have Faith.

We weren’t lost, but getting off at the wrong exit left us miles and miles off our planned route to get us to evening Mass, I was so afraid we would miss it but God was making a point with me. Not only did He lead us through my husband’s calm thinking and action to another church for Mass, but to the most welcoming and gracious parish we’ve ever been to, St. William’s in Shelbyville TN. As we drove in there was man walking in wearing a Steeler’s jacket, who returned my native greeting “Go Steelers!” and something nudged me inside – “see this is what I have for you.” Inside we met the gentleman and his wife and grandson as well as other parishioners who were genuinely glad to have us visiting- nudge. The music -the pianist/cantor played and sang like an angel it filled the Mass with praise, so uplifting and engaging – nudge. The usher asked Brian and I to take up the gifts, and thanked us for our service – nudge! A first for us as a couple and a beautiful new memory too.

I needed the nudges– the gentle reminder right now that no matter how off course things can look in our eyes, God’s got something beautiful waiting for us if we have Faith and don’t give up Hope then His Love can take root and then Wow what we will experience! Let yourself be nudged – have faith! Oh and always “Go Steelers!” 😉



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