My Cannonball Moment

As we approach the feast of St Ignatius here’s a challenge from Find Your Inner Iggy
Share your answers on social media with #FindIggy for a chance to win prizes and learn a little something too 😉

Question 1. What was your cannonball moment?
I was finishing a degree in Psychology and had been accepted to a Clinical Masters program, but every time I though about moving to purse that career I felt horrible and started to cry. It made absolutely no sense to me. Except it would have meant leaving the man who became my husband and who has since passed away from cancer at 44.
God had me stay and start an MBA to kill time while I figured out what He wanted me to do, he sent a friend to me at lunch. She was the head of the theology department and said – “Why are you working on an MBA? You know you stink at math. Have you considered the Masters in theology program?”
I didn’t know we even had one. I started with a Pauline Studies course and was hooked! 20 years as a Director of Religious Education later – God has given me an amazing life with awesome friends who are family. I have retired and now take Jesus and His message to the streets every day. I know God has something amazing right around the corner this time too!



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  1. Deborah says:

    I must say my cannonball moment was about 2 years ago when I left my job of 16 years similar to you and started working at bridgewater I can’t even explain the Peace I feel in my soul when I walk in to work to a crucifix hanging above the door and the calming pictures of Jesus my Savior also close to my desk. I also happen to work for and with the best group of people I’ve ever met. They are so compassionate and loving and love to laugh and enjoy life. However at the same time we are on a great schedule and take our jobs very seriously. The only thing I would say was missing there is you:):):)


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