Visiting priest – rocked the homily

Awesome orator- clear, focused, engaging – interesting spin on something seemingly obvious- appreciated.

Gospel – Matthew 13:44-46 The Kingdom of heaven is like…
Simile 1: A treasure in a field he stumbles upon.
“We often accident into the holy.” We aren’t looking for it, we stumble upon it – we can often walk right past it because we are distracted or tired. Connection 1st Reading The Lord often talks to us at rest, when we are not distracted we can see the holy.

Simile 2: Searching for the pearl of great price.
“The seeker is intentionally looking for the divine” – she is in search of mercy, wants it and yet she cannot find it and no one seems to want to offer it. Good things – We pray for them and they happen all the time right? No so much. We all encounter some level of misfortune and hardship in our lives. The intentional seeking of the holy – the divine, requires trust in God to find it even through our misfortunes and hardships, He will lead us to it. We don’t have to like it, but we can mature and grow through them. The Divine merchant is Christ and we are the fine pearls.


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