Loving eclipses everything

My best friend and her family lost a great and wonderful man, her father Alex, to cancer this past weekend. He is very loved by his family and beyond. Jeff and I were marked by Alex’s friendship and love in our lives. Brian has been marked as well, as Alex was the father of Begs and therefore, an obviously amazing man.
It was a quiet holiday weekend then of reflection on Alex’s going Home and in our loss of Olivia a year before on the day he passed.
In the midst of the raw newness of losing a friend, the reminder of losing my father 11 years ago and this grieving the loss of our only child, I thought to myself that it’s not the losing, but the loving that matters. Losing is inevitable in this life, it’s loving that is an all too rare and precious gift here. As time passes the losing is still present, but the gift of that loving eclipses all else and over time it brings healing and peace. Memories can still make you weep, but there is laughter and smiles as you remember and touch that love which is present still.
Alex was an amazing man who Jeff and I were privileged to know and love. He will always be one of my favorite people, for who he was and who he helped others to be. I’m sure Jeff is welcoming his favorite poker buddy along with all those who have gone before him and I know Olivia will love him too.
May Alex and all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. And may his family and all those who love him know peace.


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