“Hello my friend, I am so glad to see you again.”

One of the seminarians who was assigned our parish for the summer back in the day, who served under the VBS mantle of my supervision, just invited my husband and I to his ordination.  When he saw us come forward to receive a blessing from him following the Mass, he opened his arms in welcome, hugged me and smiled all the way to his eyes “You are here!  It means so much to me that you came today.”

I went back to my long time parish today, for the funeral of the son of one my catechists from year’s past.  I learned of his tragic death at 26 yesterday.  I broke protocol and stopped to hug her as I passed after receiving the Eucharist and when saw me she held me tightly and as she wept… “I can’t believe you are here, thank you for coming, thank you.”

I sat with my best friend and her husband, also a very dear friend we don’t get to see each very often now.  At the sharing of the Sign of Peace we hugged and she whispered “I love you.”

Getting  lunch afterwards I spied another friend I haven’t seen for a minute – years to be more accurate – have passed and her baby is now 17.  Her baby is one of my first SPX spiritual children, when I realized motherhood could include spiritual motherhood of those given to you as well as physical delivery.   “She embraced me and said, I think about you so often.”

I was reflecting on my way home, warmed with the resonating in my soul from the pondering of these recent encounters…People with whom your soul has connected, no matter for how briefly, will always be connected in your soul and seeing them will nourish you in an almost indescribable way.  It is a taste of grace.  You will think of each other and hopefully stop to pray for each other.  No matter the span of time or distance that separates you or how the relationship changes when you meet again it’s a familiar beautiful warmth, stirring a joy so deep you can hear your soul reach out and say “Hello my friend, I am so glad to see you again.”


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Deborah says:

    You mean so much to so many people you’ve touched and Blessed my life in ways you’ll never know.


  2. Debra Oliver says:

    You are such an awesome lady. Although we met on the streets and I only see you here you are soothing to my soul. Hope to see you guys again at the parade. I will have my 12 year old grandson with me this year. We’ll be in front of the stairs at Peachtree Center. Have a great holiday and summer. Keep writing…   


    1. LindaD says:

      You are very kind and gracious and I am blessed by your friendship. It’s a date!


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