She called him “David”

We were at an Enterprise car lot over the weekend and spent a lot of time waiting and talking with the sales rep. Through the course of the conversation, Brian and J shared our story with her and she said – “She ” young woman in Finance, you were just talking with. She has got to hear your story. She has given up. She needs to know the unbelievable happens – It’s unbelievably believable!

We forgot and just as they we were finishing up and getting ready to leave, the finance girl came over and said “David I’ll call you as soon as the car gets here”… Brian and I looked at each other – the sales rep said “oh no, it’s Brian.” The finance girl said “I came over here so confident to say your name, why did I say David?”

We looked at each other and couldn’t help but smile in awe as we explained “David” was the name the priest accidentally used when we were reciting our vows to each other at our wedding…We told her our whole story, how we met on Catholic Match, the prompting of the Holy Spirit and my reluctance to even register, but my list to God of what I wanted, just in case It was for real 😉 how Brian was about to leave it after six years and the Holy Spirit prompted Him to stay on and he saw me… We spoke of our love and God’s – how He brought us together – how He gives you exactly what you need each day, the people, the experiences, all your needs being met…Sufficient unto the day…And how He won’t let you miss what He has for you. All those things came to our lips- we could have many other things.

The girl looked at us with big eyes and said “You have no Idea how your words have touched me.”

She called Him “David”…To get our attention to prompt us to share our story and speak the words she needed to hear. I love our story and the powerful presence of God in it and in our life together. Our lives are unbelievably believable and I am so grateful.



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  1. Deborah says:

    I’m glad she learned something from you guys like I have. I learn something from you after everything I read of yours thank you


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