God incidences and Olivia or How Brian Received an Early Father’s Day Gift

With Father’s Day coming up, I prayed about getting something truly special for Brian, because even though our sweet girl is not with us she still very much a part of us. I just couldn’t think of what because Brian really isn’t that into things for himself which makes today’s events even more amazing to me.
There is an upright electrical acoustical bass that Brian has researched and wanted for quite some time, but has not purchased. It is rather expensive. Well he happened to spot it at the store while we were putting up some equipment for consignment today.
This bass he wanted was the only one of its kind in the shop, but we didn’t think we could afford it right now. However, the owner of the store wanted to get rid of it, as it hadn’t moved from inventory in the last three-four years. He offered it to us for a real bargain – under his price! I said we’ll take it – Brian was in shock 🙂
After we paid, the owner stopped, looked at us and shook his head as if to clear it and said “Why didn’t I sell it to you for the original price and take off the equipment you want to sell as store credit? I would have done much better” and smiled looking confused with himself.
I can’t help but think a daughter who loves her Daddy and is Home with God heard my prayer whispered into His ear and that’s how Brian received an early Father’s Day gift…at least to my grateful heart.



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