Catholic Photo Challenge #1 God’s presence in the natural world.

I find God’s presence in the natural world in many ways, but I am particularly struck by Him in the sheer raw power and beauty of the beach especially in the early morning.  Often when I go on vacation, I rise before dawn to greet the day and pray Morning Prayer. I feel like I can hear the angels sing as the sky lights with morning and the dark of the night rolls away, my soul swells with joy with the bursting forth of the sun.  I hear the lapping or pounding of the waves upon the sand and see them clear whatever was there before, whisking everything away, making it fresh and new.  The awesome power of the water and how small I am in the face of it, how it surrounds me and yet can carry me gently on its current, whispering words of calm for my weary soul.  I feel God at the beach in his awesomeness and I know fear of the Lord – awe at His grandeur and might.

Have a blog?  Accept the challenge!

For this first challenge, show us a photo that represents to you God’s presence in the natural world.

Here’s all you have to do:

1. Create a post on your blog with the photo that represents your interpretation of the current Catholic Photo Challenge.

2. Click on the button below that says “Add your link”

3. Past the URL to your specific post with the photo, not the main URL of your blog.

4.  Include a link back to here in your post.

5.  Come back to this page and see what others have posted.

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