“Concentrated Joy!”

If should ask God for a gift,

be happy if he sends not riches, gold or diamonds,

but the love and trust of friends

Quote taken from a plaque from a dear friend from college. No author is listed.

Have you ever felt so much joy your soul bubbled?  I have no pictures to share with you to show it from last night’s jam session, but the joy in my soul is overflowing!  There are big moments like your wedding day or realizing your pregnant, the obvious huge moments of joy and they are powerful.  But there is so much “concentrated joy” in the small moments that can come to you seemingly out of the blue – when your soul is aware without you being necessarily mentally cognizant of what is happening – small moments of “concentrated joy.”

I had a moment last night that has me basking in its glow this morning…A dear friend, like a brother did us a solid at the house we’re trying to sell.  Then he and his wife, and my husband and I shared a meal and hung out together at their house.  We shared time in his garage /music studio after dinner rockn’ a bass line he had just taught me  with our spouses cheering us on – all just caught up in a moment of joy together. This is just one of my many many moments that I am now beginning to realize I am given as a possibility every day. As I write this I am remembering many more in just the last few days and I am amazed!  God gives them to you too I promise He does.  When was the last one you remember?  Whenever they occur, savor  them and look forward to the next, because He will give you a next.

P.S.  Move over Sir Paul McCartney here I come 😉


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