It feels like I have been given my own person built-in letting go to things of this world factor,  as I am death to any product line…SteelersIf I tell you I really like something  – enjoy while you can – Ha!

Seriously though, it makes me think about the redirecting of our desires- hearing God’s word for us – conversion that is the continual goal in this season of Lent.

And  it gets me thinking of some major redirection in my life…His way leading me closer to Him, closer to Home.

Study Marine Biology?  God said – No study Psychology, so you can understand people in a different way.

Not get married! – God said – No, I want you to give yourself to another so you can learn to love.

M.S. in Clinical Psychology – God said – No, M.A. Theology, you understand people, now learn about me.

Jeff dies, I want to die – God said – No I want you to live and learn to live fully – Brian…Olivia.

There are so many more smaller moments too.

Like the Woman at the Well in today’s Gospel. Jn 4:5-42…Where do you hear His words redirecting you?


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