What a difference a week makes!

In terms of a great many things.  It’s especially poignant here in the ATL with the “Snowpacalypis” / “Carmageddon” or whatever we’re calling it.  Last week Brian and I were in FL for a visit and as grace would have it also my godson’s/JTG’s namesake’s birthday.





I am so touched that we never seem to leave each others hearts. Every time we get back together, the whole family welcomes us so quickly into the routines of their lives it’s like we live right there and no time has passed.  ImageImageImageIMG_8206Image

As you who know the little man 🙂 and his family can tell, a great deal of growing has happened in the last year, in personhood and stature…IMG_2554       IMG_2546 IMG_8185 I am reminded of Luke 2:51-52 – how we would hope all our children would grow, and as his godmother, keeping all these memories in my heart.  This little person has such a beautiful, generous soul and I don’t think it’s my imagination seeing so much of JTG in him, especially his smile.

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