Exactly what I needed

IMG_1621I’ve said it before, God gives you exactly what and who you need as you need them as much or as little as you need, no more no less.

My husband, Brian, had surgery last week.  I wasn’t prepared for the feelings it brought back from Jeff’s events.  I saw him laying in that bed in pre-op and bam!  I prayed, offering it all up to God’s hands and worked through the week, grateful that this isn’t a life threatening situation and that his body is healing beautifully.   I realized with an overwhelmed soul that the digital photography workshop I had signed up for a couple of months ago was this weekend. I thought – there is no way, but Brian is very supportive.  So I went…


and it was exactly what I needed! In focusing on one of my passions, on a beautiful fall morning,  the stress of past events and current fears faded away…


and I resurfaced.


He heard me, knew what I would need and laid it out waiting for me.


It wasn’t what I did, but what He brought me.


I just had to be open.IMG_1681

That’s all we have to do, be open to the possibility that things will be better, and know that He will never let us walk alone.



3 thoughts on “Exactly what I needed

  1. You always inspire me with everything you do and say. I love the outlook you have and whenever I’m having a not so happy day I think about you and read your blog and it turns my day around thank you


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