When you are prompted, just do it!


An inkling from the Holy Spirit led me to St. Benedict Catholic Church in Johns Creek- Duluth today. I was there for an appointment and had plans to hit some local shopping venues while in the area.
After my appointment, before I could get started in my shopping list, I felt a prompting to stop by and see the newly remodeled sanctuary at St, Benedict’s, but the thought right on its heels was, “I don’t have time…I need to get this shopping done and get back home before the traffic.”
And I thought “yes, that is the mature thing to do…,” but a few minutes later as I came up to the street leading to the Church something again came unbidden, “go up it won’t take long and you will have time for everything you need to do.”
So I turned into the parking lot and realized I just missed daily Mass, which I thought again was a reason to get on my way, but something said, “no that’s OK go in.” I stopped and took some pictures
and when I went into the sanctuary it was just at the Final Blessing and the priest announced “we will be praying the Rosary directly following the Mass, all that can, won’t you stay?”
And there was a sense in my soul “you didn’t miss anything, this was what you need.”
And a small group of us gathered by the statue of the Blessed Mother and as I quieted by soul and reflected on the mysteries, Mary’s stories of joy, such a beautiful sense of peace filled my soul. Afterwards I went about my plans with this sense of gratitude – everything I had set to do was accomplished and them some! I even got to see a friend’s father as I was leaving the campus and had the time to sit and write this post!
This was a small encounter, but I want to share it. The devil will try to deceive you into thinking that you do not have time to stop and pray, but God will keep sending you the Holy Spirit to prompt you to stop and listen “you will have time” and you will be so glad you did!





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