Time to Retreat


Not run away.  Although we all feel like it sometimes, but I mean a spiritual retreat.  It has crossed my mind a few times in the past week, lingered a few moments, then faded into the grief muddled brain I have right now.  However, God never allows us get too far from what we need without reminding us. In our morning conversation today, out of the blue Jill says “Let’s go on a retreat.”


I felt that echo in my soul and said – “Yes! Let me find something.”  Of course something to me will most likely be of the Jesuit variety so I started looking at the website for our local – man are we blessed! – Jesuit retreat house…Ignatius House in Atlanta.


So easy to get to not far from I-285, but secluded and quiet.  Lovely grounds, good food and price is reasonable, and flexible.  And the most important part – powerful retreat leaders, awesome priests and spiritual directors and a class staff. They are not subsidized by the Archdiocese of Atlanta, so if you can, please be generous.


They offer weekend and longer silent retreats, days of reflection, special themed retreats and more.  You definitely owe it to your “soulself” to get to a retreat at least once a year.


Here is a list of some of their upcoming events.


We are doubly blessed in the ATL, because not too far out in Conyers, we have a beautiful Trappist monastery as well, the Monastery of the Holy Spirit.

IMG_2281 IMG_2282 IMG_2291 IMG_5248
Retreats are not for the holy but for those wanting to become whole.  It might not hit you while you’re on the weekend, depends on what God knows you needs, when and if you’re ready,

but it could lay a seed that down the road changes you forever.


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