Moving Mountains?

We wanted to let you know we’re healing and grateful for the cards and phone calls and texts etc. As days pass we venture back into life, work, and activities and we deal.

Any major life event often brings back memories of similar encounters and my mind goes back to Jeff’s passing. I remember I told the priest in confession I was talking (yelling) daily, hourly with God the Father and felt the guidance of the Holy Spirit but I couldn’t see Jesus. Where was Jesus? It was the same for me this time. The priest had said that I couldn’t see Jesus because He was behind me holding me so closely to the cross so that I wouldn’t fall off.
In remembering those words this time I know better what is happening. I know God’s grace and your intercessions in prayer have us wrapped up in a Grace Bubble. Jesus is right here, holding us so tightly to the cross so we don’t fall off. I now know that’s what He offers us in moments of great pain and struggle, not to take away this part of our cross, but if we are open to Him, to hold us to it so that we don’t fall into the abyss of despair. The Cross has a purpose, what you suffer has a purpose.
Even if you can’t see God the Father or the Son or the Holy Spirit, They are all there binding, holding, guiding you so that you don’t fall…and that is a blessing that can move mountains. We went to Oakland Cemetery on Sunday and it felt good to have the camera in my hands and to feel the sunshine on my face. I have played music, I want to sing. He is moving mountains.


Little feet charm sent from the Perinatal Loss Unit at Northside Hospital they are incredible. “Grace Alone” received back in the day from one of my spiritual children who is an amazing gift herself.


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