Final Repose for Olivia

It is said that a parent should never have to bury their own child. This always made very logical sense to me. Who would argue? Now it touches a reality that goes far beyond logic.
We still hadn’t ever heard her or saw her but we had hopes and dreams for her life. Taking her to the waters of Baptism, teaching her first prayers, going to Mass, making her First Holy Communion, being Confirmed as an adult in the Church, these were the anchors around which the rest of her beautiful little life would develop.
I saw Brian teaching her how to play the guitar and the finer points of music. He would begin her Aikido training making her our “warrior princess” to be able to defend herself and learn disciple and harmony. I of course was going to teach her the piano and sing with her night and day show her how to create many things, and make sure she spoke at least three languages. We wanted to expose her to all the beauties of this world and delight in her own personality and interests.
There are a number of things about this world I feared we couldn’t keep her safe from and I wasn’t sure how we would be able to do it.

All those things we had hoped are now a dream of the past. She is with God, and knows far more now than we could ever have taught her in a far truer way. There is some comfort in knowing that as parents we gave her all that the small amount of time together allowed.

And that she was surrounded by the love of her family both near and far.

Yesterday, at the Honeycreek Woodlands, we laid her to rest, surrounded by many of the people she would have known as family. They would have been with us at those events or there in Spirit, they would have surrounded her with their love and shared their faith and love of Christ to help her grow into the wonder she was created to be. And even though they didn’t have long to do it, they did share themselves with her. As Elizabeth put it…

I am amazed by the events of the day – the love and joy in the midst of grief – Christ’s presence when we gather together – the beauty of the earth in great rain – a fitting farewell until we meet again – hope in answer to faith – Thank you, Lord

Now we let her go to where she is safe and we pray where she will know God’s grace. May Olivia Marianna, rest in God’s Mercy. May we see her at the end of our days.


2 thoughts on “Final Repose for Olivia

  1. You have opened my eyes to so many pieces of knowledge for all of the years Ive known you but the most important lesson you have taught me is courage and love


  2. I am so sorry to just discover this news. Saying many more prayers for you, Brian and Olivia. So happy you have God’s love filling your heart. ❤


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