In Memory of Olivia

For 16 weeks and 4 days you shared our joy in Olivia Marianna, a love which was beyond anything we thought we would know in this world. We thank you for all your prayers and sharing how excited you were to get to meet Olivia in December. This morning we found out at the ultrasound that she had died, most likely in the last couple of days. They do not know why but took blood samples and will perform tests, although the doctor said we would likely never know. All our genetic tests came back fine.
I had a strange feeling two days ago something was wrong, although no physical indications. I had two dreams in the early morning that the baby was “broken.” somehow. I attributed it to new mother nerves. Two days ago Buddy had acted very strangely trying to put his head next to my belly under my arm…the area she was found curled up in the ultrasound this morning. He knew she was there before we did, and I think in his own way was saying goodbye before we knew.
I’m sure she was greeted with much love and joy in heaven. There is comfort in knowing that she will be welcomed by all our family who have gone Home before us and the angels and saints.
The plan now is to continue to breathe and get things in order so we may get to the hospital to start the procedure to induce labor. Brian and I ask your prayers that she is delivered, so we may lay her to rest in the Honey Creek Woodlands at the Monastery by Jeff.
We are feeling a number of things right now, but Brian said it best.” We have known a joy that some people never get to know and that is a gift.” For that knowledge, we are so very grateful, even though right now it hurts so very much.


20 thoughts on “In Memory of Olivia

  1. Linda and Brian, Tom and I send our abundant love and prayers. May God bless you in your pain and may He shower you with blessings. ❤


  2. Olivia will always be in your hearts, always loved but also always returning that love multiplied by God’s Love. The pain and suffering you now feel will never change the power of that love and the grace of faith. We all have been blessed by the miracle of Olivia and now we pray for those blessings of love and comfort to support Brian and you – with all our hearts.


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