The Gift of Counsel – Priceless!

There is a reason that Counsel is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Learn to listen for it in those around you, friends, acquaintances, sometimes even strangers you meet out of the blue. Anyone who shares it with you is sharing a blessing with you indeed!

The big thing about making a decision is that your mind and heart need to be free to make it. I was struggling with something recently and as the Holy Spirit always does he prompted a particular friend to call me. This friend has always had this gift and shares it with me. Near or far right when I need counsel or perspective she calls me.

A person of Right Judgement or Counsel listens and has the courage and compassion to evaluate what you are saying and tell you what you need to hear. Sometimes it’s easier to accept than others, but you can always hear the ring of the “Truth” in what they say. They are sharing in words you can understand the reality God knows you need to make a good decision. They can articulate for you your possible garble of emotions and key it out for you and it’s an “Aha!” or “Exactly!” moment of self understanding. It often lifts a weight off your shoulders or helps you let go of anger that can cloud your judgement.

Then you are free to pray on it undisturbed by distraction, make a good choice and take the appropriate action. A personal with this gift is beyond measure, or as the ad says “Priceless!”

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