Growing our hearts

I knew my belly would grow, but our hearts are growing in leaps too.

From the moment we learned we were pregnant things began to change outwardly and inwardly. For us knowing so early on 4 weeks or less, we were so privileged. We were able to see her develop from an egg sac to having a fetal pole and looking like a lizard then a syfy alien, to now looking much more like an infant with legs and arms and nose and lips and organs…We aren’t parents to be, we are parents now. We have made changes in our lives already, we are making plans We are having a baby girl and her name is Olivia!

So we celebrated our first Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Brian got me chocolates from my favorite chocolatier and we enjoyed our day together. That is when it really began to hit home for me. I’m celebrating not because I finally “made it into the club,” but because there is a little person growing inside me. I had a deep Wow! moment and a peace in my soul when I thought about my new life.

And Brian, I almost cried. He got this really goofy look on his face and a warmth spread over him when he read his Father’s Day card signed Olivia. He just kept reading it and reading it. The next day he brought down the cards from me and the baby and laid them down in front of the t.v. I asked him what he intended to do with them and he said, it was silly, but he wanted to display them. Not silly at all! We always displayed cards in my house. He said it was just that when he read the card from Olivia, he felt such a very big happiness, like he’s never felt before and every time he looks at the card it makes him happy. He tells everyone we’re having a girl and refers to her by her name all the time 🙂 he even is teaching our dog when he bumps into my belly “that’s Olivia!”

I understand how he feels or at least my take on it. I have felt God work in very powerful ways before. Fortunately I have been aware of His great and abiding love as a balm in unhappy times and know that blessing. It has never felt this way before, even though I have known happiness all throughout my life. This event is significant. This love is different and no matter what may happen in our lives, to have known God’s love through Olivia, is more than I thought I could know.


9 thoughts on “Growing our hearts

  1. That makes my heart smile. I’m so happy for you two. Much love and hugs and prayers for a full, happy, healthy pregnancy for mama and Miss Olivia.


  2. Yay! So excited to meet Olivia! Why did you choose that name? It’s lovely! Can we see you guys when we come home the week of the 4th of July?


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