Some things feel like more than things

Yesterday we traded in my tangerine Honda Element – Trixie – for a new minivan. It was necessary for multiple serious reasons, but darn it that was my favorite car ever. I cried. Not just because of the car, but I am a car nut like both of my Dads. It was also what she saw and heard and was experienced in her, what she was a part of. She got a sticker for every place we visited. Her rear end was covered in them like an old time steamer trunk. My sister said it was like reading an eye chart. People would often glide up close and I could see them leaning forward to read and smile or shake their heads. I’d get a honk and an enthusiastic wave from fellow Steeler fans wherever we went 🙂
Trixie was also the car that I took Jeff to cover his last football game in and she was the car that took us to Boston for the clinical trials and last hope. Before all the cancer craziness she took us on countless 12 hour trips home to the Burgh. We laughed in this car, took our nieces and nephews to fun destinations and it saw him smile and held us as we cried.

She’s been a big part of my new life too. Hours in commuting time battling traffic and the freaky southern weather changes together after I married Brian and moved to the city. Trixie kept me safe. She took me to my first date with Brian and she took us in our first trip together. Her driver’s seat was where I called Brian after I found out I was pregnant and my heart felt like it would explode with joy…

I know it sounds really silly. A car is just a thing, but some things are attached to memories that are so strong. They feel like they’re a part of who you are.

This is a momentary blip in the radar of life and passes quickly. I know what’s truly important and we are blessed to be able to have a new car. God will always give you exactly what you need when you need it, it’s just sometimes hard to let things go. As Brian told me last night while he hugged my tears away, the new car will have great memories too in time…And stickers. Lots and lots of bumper stickers 😉











6 thoughts on “Some things feel like more than things

  1. Ah, trixie. I won’t even tease you — you loved that big ole box.

    I’ll have to find a bumper sticker for the new eye chart. That way I can be tacky on your car, not mine.


  2. Every new journey begins with just a single step. And I can promise you, there is nothing like what you bring home your first baby in and with!


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