Just back from a weekend trip to Melbourne, FL to visit my two year old godson and to introduce my husband to his family and relax! The little man is already two! What a difference a year makes.

I have visited a few times and have found Melbourne rain or shine to be a great place to kick back and enjoy life. Easily accessible by air or car it’s a good family destination. Melbourne is in Florida’s legendary Space Coast close to Coco and Canaveral. Three and a half hours to Miami and three and a half mikes to Jacksonville. The public beaches are plentiful and spacious. Lots of room for playing or quietly reading and public beach access is easily marked by parks and lots up and down the strip. The accommodations will meet your needs ranging from bed and breakfast, small motels, to the usual larger chain hotels on or off beach.

When you want something less sandy under your feet the historic district offers quaint and interesting shops and dining experiences. The people are friendly and there are a number of locally owned and operated eateries with excellent ethic and seafoods, BBQ, steaks, all day breakfast places “the Beach side Cafe” is not to be missed. There is an amazingly delicious gluten free place that mixes it’s own gluten free flour blend “The Bald Strawberry” and makes a great breakfast waffle sandwich!

But of course the best part for us was seeing the family, catching up on memories past and making new ones together.














2 thoughts on “Melbourne

  1. Ok so ive come to the.conclusion that I really want you to write a book with illustrations please. You mesmorize me with your words,feelings,stories and strength. You have talent beyond measure and your truely my mentor


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