The gentle hand of our Mother

I was having a hard time hearing God talk to me. I knew He had me, but I couldn’t hear Him. I kept praying and looking but totally missing it.
I expresses this sense of frustration to a good friend and spiritual mentor who told me to ask the Blessed Mother to talk with God and ask Him make His voice heard. And to ask her to take my hand and lead me to her Son. So I did…And she did! I am not amazed that she could, just that I have been standoffish with her since Jeff died, she came to walk him home, I was jealous. And then ashamed.
But she loves me and helped me , as a good mother does 🙂 His words came to me quietly, clearly, and with a gentle light showing me the way. And I am so grateful to her.

Now I can see Him and the doorway He has opened for me. I have hope and joy and peace that is beyond understanding. I am in awe of her care for us and great love she has for us through her Son. Wanting us to know Him and love Him and come to Him. I feel so privileged, but the truth is, it is something offered to all of us. We just have to die to ourself and seek.


One thought on “The gentle hand of our Mother

  1. Well as always you send words to me that are so valuable to me and my life! It always seems like you are talking to me and it’s just a the right time to help me through this thing called life, that I have yet to figure out.


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