Words that resonate

Poem   stop and take a moment and read this and let it resonate in your soul awhile. 

There have been things lately that have challenged me on many levels.  And a good friend summed them up for me…”It is Advent, chica.  Don’t let the devil take your eyes from the Lord’s coming.”

Life is always giving us something to deal with, from the mundane to moments of possible life and death. And we live somewhere in between.  The words of John Henry Cardinal Newman give me hope. They aren’t light and bouncy. They are deep and reflective, but approachable because he hits on the inner most depths of our soul. 



One thought on “Words that resonate

  1. Well the devil is sure busy because hes been trying to make his way into my life and people around me. But God is always right here I just have to focus just on him and what hes showing me.


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