Spiritual weight

I realized I had gained three pounds when I was trying to lose 10 for the wedding dress.! What the heck? I need to add water and not eat so late and watch portions and cut out the carbs, ramp up the exercise level…but i couldn’t shake that that wasn’t enough. Something was missing and i realized i had gained some spiritual weight too! I looked back and I realized I let a few other things go and the weight of the world was gaining up on me and instead if consistently taking it to prayer I was letting myself slip into bad health patterns. I am praying but have let slip the discipline of my daily today and listening to the holy Mass or Catholic XM satellite radio to start my day.
It gave me an amazing sense of peace and ability to handle the physical weight almost at once because I immediately wanted to make better choices all the way around!
So bring in the Rosary and he coffee sans sugar and the yogurt – girl got her game back on! Thank you holy Spirit for this newest awakening!


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