God wants us to be happy!

I’m getting married at the end of July, to a most wonderful man.  He makes me smile, laugh and want to live life to the fullest every day.  But the fear of losing this most precious gift given for a second time in my life, a miracle in itself, tempted me to let it go for fear of it being taken away like the first time.  This fear caught me off guard.

I’m truly happy for the first time in a long time, soul contented joyful.  The fear seems incongruous and irrational,  but all fear is. And it’s not really so odd when I prayed about it.   It’s in our most joy-filled that the devil will try to steal it away.  I mean look at it, I was ready to push it away, because it might be taken away.  Who would be the fool then?

So you have to stop when the wave of fear hits and talk with God.  Tell him what plagues you and ask Him to take your hand and guide you through it to enjoy the gift of happiness unfettered by your fears.



One thought on “God wants us to be happy!

  1. Congratulations! And I say that for alot of things, I waited 11 years to also face my fear when I married again. I was so afraid that it would be taken away as soon as I embraced it. That it was just too good to be true so he showed me that my fears would be resolved. And they were. I keep alot of quotes in my head and soul from you and the main one is that Jeff taught you how to love and because of this you know how to love. Thank you!


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