Who loved you into the faith?

It explains a great deal to me as to why some people stay involved in and embrace their faith lives, and why put down the gift and walk away…ask yourself…Who loved me into the faith?  And if they’re still on this earth call them and say thank you!

For me it’s Catholicism and it was my father…he loved being Catholic, the Holy Mass, the Eucharist, although he never would have used those words to describe it…he helped me to know it on my heart.

I am so grateful for every word, nudge and out right challenge he gave me.


2 thoughts on “Who loved you into the faith?

  1. For me it was my father as well. He has never gone to a church service with me (with the exception of a few weddings and funerals). He has never even appeared overly “religious.” However, one of his most important possessions was the Bible his sister had given to him when he left for Vietnam. I rarely saw him read it, but it was well worn and always on his dresser until it was lost in a house fire. It struck me as a young child how important the Bible was to Daddy, so it became important to me. Also, he taught me and my brother how to say our nightly prayers when we were little. Other than that one time, I never really saw him openly pray (again, with the exception of weddings and funerals when everyone is asked to bow their heads). However, he felt it was important that we knew how to pray, so it became important to me.


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