“Mingle and Live”

Well that’s what Jeff wanted us all to do.  He told me about it multiple times when we were getting closer to the end and he had a talk with his Mama while I was down at Li’l Jeff’s baptism.  He told his “girls” when they visited him and added “go mingle” with that wave of his hand.   He wanted “his people” around him, his community from SPX and the paper and the local area.  We never had children, but God gave us so many people to love. 

He told his mother he wanted us all, her, after he passed, to continue to do the things she loved to do.  To live!   So if it looks odd that we talk about celebrations and parties, get our hair fashionably done, laugh and sing, attend Steeler charity basketball games, like we will tonight – don’t mind us, we’re just doing what Jeff instructed us to do. And when we do, he’s there with us as always the center of the room.


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