The little things

Truly I know I am being blessed and receiving all sorts of graces to go through all this.  And mostly I’m good, most of the time.

Today went great minus getting up at 3:17a and not being able to go back to sleep and a little issue ha,ha,ha with the chimney.  Lunch with Dad and Sister and their help with said chimney that helped keep me sane and then dinner with our Cuban family so delicious in food, company and conversation to remind me life I still happening.  Then…
When I was going through the mail, there was one of Jeff’s Civil War periodicals and I opened it to give to his mother to read and bam – The water works!

He loved his magazines and poured over them, kept them in protective boxes and used them as references when reading the books in his collection.  In the last few weeks of his fight, to help get his mind off the pain and concentrate till the next set of meds he’d have me read from them to him.  He said the sound of my voice helped give him a target to focus on.
I know there will be many more of these type days ahead and I am so grateful for the love and support that will be in them.  His mother staying down here through his burial is no coincidence.  She is being so loved as I appreciate her being here greatly as well.
It’s the little things, the ones that make you cry and the ones that make you smile that compose your life.  Keep your eyes and ears wide open for them.       


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