Until the last moment

As I was packing to go to Kristi and Daniel’s for Jeffrey Ryan’s baptism, I walked into our “activity room” which is a mess! 

When I looked down on the floor, there was a “How to say the Rosary” brochure, blue with a lovely ivory Madonna pictured on the cover I had brought home from somewhere.   It was very well done with everything you need in a visually pleasing package. 

I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to pack it in my carry on and take it with me, which I thought was very odd as I was going to be with people who know how to pray the Rosary and all the mysteries by heart.  But you never know and when its a genuine prompting you should do whatever it is.

So I did and during the weekend I saw it a couple of times, but wasn’t prompted to take it out.  So I didn’t think of it again.  Until…The plane ride home. 

I was seated with a lovely young woman, Ashley  from Detroit, catching a connecting flight at Harstfield.  We didn’t speak much after we introduced ourselves at the beginning of the flight.  But we struck up a conversaton as we were waiting to get to our gate. She turned out to be a nurse on a cardiac care unit.  I told her about Jeff and she offered to pray for him.  It was a nice exchange. 

Then as I lifted my carry on I heard, “Give it to her now.” 

We were getting ready to move out into the aisle and I thought, “all weekend long you’ve had me hold onto this – really now?  I don’t want to scare her with this, what if she’s not Catholic and it freaks her out?”  For some reason it didn’t occur to me that it could still freak her out if she was Catholic.
But the Holy Spirit was insistent:  “Do it.”
So I asked her “You wouldn’t happen to be Catholic would you?”

Ashley : “Yes, I am!  I even work in a Catholic hospital.”

Me, quick breath in:  “I was prompted to pack this and I had no idea why. I wasn’t prompted again about it all weekend.  I honestly forgot I had it.   Until just now I was told to give it to you.”

She smiled, took it and immediately opened it, and started looking throught it and said brightly, “How lovely!” 

But it wasn’t what she said as much as what I saw in her eyes and smile as she looked it over.  I got that “it was right”, peaceful feeling in my soul. 


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