Sherpa training

Oh you should have seen me!  I felt like a sherpa in training.  You would have LAUghed!

I went home and of course it was an icy wonderland.  That is if you were sitting at the bottom of the driveway looking up at the house.   But I couldn’t just admire the view.  I had to get up to the house on foot.   Not for the first time I remembered a conversation with Jeff when we were looking at the property.  Me:  “Are you sure we want all this land?”  Jeff:  “Oh yes, it’ll be great!”  I roll my eyes still!  But he’s right it is a pleasure, usually.  
Well, there I was at in the bottom yard.  It occured to me to use the ice scraper/brush and start chipping my way across the frozen tundra.  I made one unsuccessful attempt up the incline through the rockledge. 
The second scramble was aided by a loose branch and digging my heels into the ice breaking into it to the snow beneath.  I left a trail like some huge duck walking up the yard!  To get back down,  I remembered this great tool spade like tool?  from my Dad that along with our tall walking stick helped steady me to get back down.     

I prayed before, during, after and made it with barely a slip or a slide, no falls.  You know that was God, because I am not what one would be called “coordinated.” :  ) 


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