I’m so excited!

What, what, what is so exciting? 

My betta fish are breeding!  I didn’t plan it, just put the male and two females together as one of my books suggest and well, nature took her course.

I noticed that Vuvezuela – the male and the female Sephira seemed to be more peaceful with each other today.  Mimi the other female usually hides in the plants.      

So although I’m no fertile myrtle, given the right conditions and genders my fish are!  Successfully spawned, sword tails no big they’re like guppies but my proudest have been the orandas and the golden angel fish and now, the bettas.  Especially given everything we’ve been going through to just stop and see nature doing her thing reproducing is awesome  I mean really, wow, life is too cool. 

Nerdlinger, I know, but Wow!      Oh man! I’ve got to go set up something for the females to hang out in so they don’t eat the fry when they hatch in a few days.  Thanks for stopping by the tank <:) ><


2 thoughts on “I’m so excited!

  1. As I am feeling particularly charitable at the moment, I will not mock you.

    It’s an effort. Really.

    Congratulations on the small fry. What does one send? How does one celebrate? Mazel Tov!


  2. @ Begs – LOL – thank you for your sensitivity to my fragiley gill-maternal state : ) this is why you are my best friend. I believe the appropriate gift would be microworms. EWWWW I will have to come up with an alternative food source, because well EWWWw.


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