In God’s time

Often the phrase “In God’s time” can feel like it equates to forever, or at least that’s how if feels to my impatient self .    Today, well yesterday now, I prayed in earnest about a situation that I had felt I had been led to, but then second thoughts creeped into my head.  I would very much like to share what it was, but it would be inappropriate to do that and I think I can get to what was truly important about it anyway.  

Well for what felt like the first time, I was shocked by an immediate answer a physical move it out-of-the-way solution which was perfect, as God is, but definitely unexpected as I haven’t found Him to always be, but I know it was Him, it was truly divine intervention.  My immediate response was “What?  You’re joking right?” Then a dawning comprehension, WHOA God is tooooo cool.  

What was different about this request?  Did I do something different to get an immediate response?  No, it doesn’t matter what I say or how I say it, God knows what I think I need and more importantly what I truly need in a situation.  It was a grace, a pure and simple blessing and I am so incredibly grateful for that event.   And I’m learning to be incredibly grateful for all His responses, even when they don’t look quite so immediate,  maybe this is the beginning of Trust.


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