I’ve been so busy with Jeff”s blog I haven’t done anything here.   I picked the new format to make this a photo blog. Kind of like what Laura is doing, great minds must think alike.  But I keep “Squirrel!”  getting distracted.  Work, dealing with the cancer thing it’s all so “Squirrel!” Uploading the picts never seems to happen. But I have been trying to get at least some of them on to Flikr so that’s a move in the right direction.

I’ve also been working with a few different Facebook groups for work and keeping up with the rest of what’s happening at SPX.  And trying not to stroke-out on the way to Dana Farber every day.  Driving in the cityof Boston should require some type of mental health check.  It’s nuts here!  Sadly I’m beginning to fit it… Oh well.   If you can’t beat’m join’m or at least imitate them so as to survive. I’m just sayn’.

Love and Peace,



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