No more tears

“Here, take my hand, no more tears.”
I love this man with s depth I didn’t think possible.
I know God can heal Jeff, if it’s in His plan. I pray God’s Mercy that it’s in His plan. We need a miracle.
And oddly enough or rather Godly eniugh, one of the parishioners in the lay cistercian order at our local monastery came up to me last night as I finished my after Mass prayer and gave me a packet of tea. She told me the story that she and her husband came upon this tea while at the shrine of St. Rita. Didn’t know about it, folliwed this nan into a room and learned if it. That it’s made from the grape leaves of a vine which cured St. Rita of her illness to do God’s work. That is the extremely abbreviated and possibly incorrect version.
What I took away was that God’s always preparing you. I expected no good news today. I just felt it. Then she comes up to me. This is not magic. This could be a possible vehicle for a miracle. If it’s God’s will.

Jeff has had his first cup of tea with a little of the leaves and we’ve prayed for the intercession of St. Rita. We’re going to do it ad a novena.

I don’t much, but I know there are more things between heaven and earth. I believe- I hand my heart on the knowledge, that God works miracles big and small every day. Maybe this was given to us so that when it is the time for tears, I know that we were open to whatever God’s will.


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