In touch with my inner “Ollie”

My Dad could fix anything.  And if he couldn’t cleanly fix it he’d rig it to work.  One of his favorite motto’s was “something broken can only get less broken if you try to fix it.”  with that in mind I attacked Jeff’s recliner today.  The mechanism that raises the legs when you go to recline was broken, the bar across the bottom had snapped.

I consulted some of my Dad reminiscent peeps, Deacon Bill and Dr. Brian who gave me some ideas and encouragement.  With the assistance of my Guardian Angel who must have gone with me to the Depot, I ‘m just sayn’  things went too well to be about my efforts, the chair is fixed.    I ended up replacing instead of patching the bar.    As with all those projects, it was the things presumed “easy” that took the most time.  But I did it for under $10.  and now he has his favorite place to relax back.

Thanks Dad.


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