new Friend

A large part of my waiting room time is spent people watching.  And occasionally I’m rewarded by making a new friend.  Today I met Dave and his wife.  Dave wheeled her in with a good natured ol’boyesque chatter with the receptionist at the intake desk. 

They  sat down catercorner to us and Jeff gave them a knowing look – this one she’ll be interested in.    There was a sweetness to the man’s nature and you could fee the genuine care he expressed for his wife.   I was working on new crochet project and his wife asked me if I was knitting or crocheting.  We  launched into a general discussion of crafts, how Dave’s mother embroidered and his daughter made him an embroidery punch picture for him of a white tiger which he placed above the toilet.    I said that way he’d see it every day right?  “Yes ma’am.  It’s very special to me.”  He wanted a hobby for his wife to keep her busy.  She is a cancer survivor, now having her thyroid examined.  

I tend to tuck my crochet hook behind my ear like a pencil and it slid out of my ear, down my back and into the side of the couch.  “Did you loose that ma’am?  That’ll hurt if someone sits there.  Helping people is what life’s about.  I’m a maintenance man, 36 years at hospitals.”   With the use of my scissors he unwedged the hook from the utilitarian couch. 

I’m finding there is always someone to meet, a new person, a new opportunity to encounter God’s grace.


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