Coffee coffee coffee

I’m usually good at picking up languages. While I practice my Spanish out comes French, Italian, Latin. And I love java!

So you’d think I’d be able to confidently walk up to the counter at the coffee house and be all :I’d like a Grande double shot, low fat, soy whatever… But I’m no good at all with the coffee bar lingo. Nerdlinger that I am I even picked up the how to order pamphelet and I just couldn’t put it together right.

So this morning we had to be at Emory early which means we hadto leave the house rather early which means I got up very early. So I had to get some caffeine into my sytem. So while waiting for Jeff to be called back I sucked up my ordering inferiority complex and went to get something.

I went down to The Bishop’s Pantry coffee and pastry bar and waited in the long early morning caffeine junkie fix line. I tried to practice my order while I waited. :Extra large coffee, now that’s Grande or is it Venti? I always think it’s grande because grande sounds like it should be larger than Venti but maybe not…:
When it came to my turn, I walked up to the barista and looked at the menu tension mounting I stopped and smiled. I looked her in the eyes and said :Please give me the largest coffee you have!: :O.K Honey!: The man in front of me, who was collecting his order looked back and smiled at me and said :Now that’s the way to do it!:

Guess I can make it work after all. I’m just sayn’ : )


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